I had some Gateways that kept giving me a similar issue and sometimes
pulling the memory completely out and re-seating it fixed it.  If not, I had
to reset the NVRAM.  If I remember correctly I did something along these

Opened case and located a BLUE jumper in the lower corner across from the
middle PCI slot.  Moved it from position 1 and 2 to positions 2 and 3.

Restarted the machine.

Went to Bios: Boot Config: Advanced  and chose to reset configuration data.

Clicked Yes, F10 to exit and save.

Moved jumper back.

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>  I have to support 11 Gateway Pentium D computers in my video lab, running
> XP Pro with 2 GB of RAM.  Suddenly, 2 of the machines will not boot.  *Really
> * won't boot, as in the DVD drive light briefly flashes at startup, but
> the hard drive never spins up.  I don't even get the boot menu/bios screen.
>  I've tried the basics, nothing seems to work.  I'm not a newbie, but this
> mystifies me.  I wondered if was the CMOS battery; I pulled the battery and
>  reset it, which allowed the computer to restart in safe mode, but at reboot
> it went back to a blank screen.  Hardware isn't my specialty, but the fact I
> can't even access the bios says I need some advice.  Help?
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