(Bryan: don't be so paranoid.  My reminders are usually less subtle than

To all:

Thanks for all the great advice.  Reseating everything uncovered 2
interesting facts:

(1) The Firewire adapter/card was loose on the machine which refused to do
anything.  Might have been contacting the video card directly above it and
causing weirdness.  Removing, cleaning and reinstalling RAM and other bits
made it all better.

(2) the SATA cable connecting the larger slave drive on the other computer
was a bit loose.  This computer would freeze at start up.  Removing and
reconnecting RAM and other things made it start up, but then the picture
would go blank and the monitor indicated "no signal."   Tom at Canaan school
suggested rebooting into VGA mode and then rolling back the video driver.  I
did, and now it works perfectly.

And yes, Bryan's help was invaluable.
(Happy now, you big baby?  [?])

On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 3:00 PM, Bryan Thompson <
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> Drew's post was a gentle reminder that he asked me for help and I forgot. I
> disconnected every component and chip and then reseated it all again.
> Problem [FIXED!]
> Bryan
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> On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 1:01 PM, Drew Blanchard <[log in to unmask]>wrote:
>> I have to support 11 Gateway Pentium D computers in my video lab, running
>> XP Pro with 2 GB of RAM.  Suddenly, 2 of the machines will not boot.  *Really
>>  won't boot, as in the DVD drive light briefly flashes at startup, but the
>> hard drive never spins up.  I don't even get the boot menu/bios screen.
>>  I've tried the basics, nothing seems to work.  I'm not a newbie, but this
>> mystifies me.  I wondered if was the CMOS battery; I pulled the battery and
>>  reset it, which allowed the computer to restart in safe mode, but at reboot
>> it went back to a blank screen.  Hardware isn't my specialty, but the fact I
>> can't even access the bios says I need some advice.  Help?  *
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