I am watching a groundswell of projects that use ipods, itouch, mp3 players,
and doing lots of research on "management"  of devices and resources for
these devices.
So here goes a few questions and a few great resources.

Resource #1:  Tony Vincent's Site (Learning in Hand)  rocks (and the
"search" features has allowed me to find many of my answers.

Resource #2:  INCREDIBLE prices on accessories  (Cases for as low as $1.00,
chargers for $3.00, etc)

Question #1: We can't seem to connect to the Itunes Store using Windows 7.
Error: "Itunes could not connect to Itunes Store.  Make sure network
connection is active".
We can connect to all other Internet Sites.  It seems to be a firewall or
proxy setting issues, but no solutions I've found online seem to work, yet.

Question # 2.  We are considering using a Self powered USB hub to manage a
small set (15) for one classroom project. Anyone try this yet (on a PC).
Great discussion here:  (not ready to get the CART yet, since I have
heard mixed results related to it, especially if you are not using an Apple
based computer.

Question #3.  BACKUPS... Since "imaging" is our main troubleshooting
method,  I want to make sure we have thought through backup up and restoring
itunes libraries.  What happens if a "authorized" computer crashes and needs
to be re-imaged, how do you "unauthorize" it.

Lots of questions...
As I watch 3 different projects involving these from a birdeye perspective,
I see that coordination between these projects will be very important.
What happens when the classroom with itouches,  or the administrator with an
itouch wants to borrow a book from the "library" audible account.

Would love to form a braintrust with any of you dealing with these issues.


Lucie deLaBruere
Tech Integration Specialist - St. Albans City Schoool

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