Hey all!

It's that time of year again!  Time to make plans for professional
development and enrichment.  Time to reconnect and learn new skills and
ideas.  That time is coming...July 7th - 9th at FOSSed 2010!  Eight years
ago (yes, that's right...8 years!) we started with a small group of folks
who wanted to learn more about using Open Source in the classroom.  Since
then FOSSed has group by leaps and bounds becoming an excellent conference
and learning experience for educators and techies from all over!

First...great news!  This year FOSSed gets away from the end of the school
year and all the hectic stuff that comes with it.  It also occurs "just over
the line" in a new fiscal year!  So...if you were unable to attend due to
budget issues this worries!  FOSSed is actually taking place this
year in a NEW budget year!  FOSSed 2010 will be July 7 - 9 at Gould Academy
in Bethel Maine, USA.

We have some fantastic presenters and sessions lined up for this year!
Times are tough.  Education is under fire and the public is demanding that
educators do MORE with LESS.  Technology is one of those places where we can
simply shift our way of thinking and doing business to achieve results with
less money.  Open Source makes this possible.  Come and learn how schools
all over have made the transition to using free and open source software in
the classroom, school, and district (and other organizations) to enhance
teaching and learning as well as save $$$ in the process.  FOSSed as folks
just like you who want to share their knowledge and enthusiasm on how
they've learned to integrate these changes in their own schools.

The FOSSed program is still being developed as session descriptions are
coming in on a daily basis.  I hope to have something finalized by mid-May.
However, I can say we have lots of great sessions for both teachers and
techies alike.  Google Apps, Moodle, Mahara, digital portfolios, Social
networking, building online learning communities, Nagios and system/network
monitoring, online graphics, making music, digital video, backup/imaging
strategies (clonezilla, FOG, and more), Virtualization, Open1to1, building
your own firewall, Installing Linux for the first timer, and SO MUCH MORE! can be a part of it!  Join us for FOSSed 2010 at Gould Academy in
Bethel, Maine in July!  Register today!  FOSSed is just $495 for on-campus
and $455 for off-campus and that includes EVERYTHING!  Meals, rooms, and the
conference!  ACTEM members can take advantage of the ACTEM professional
development benefit as well!  So...register today!  Visit the FOSSed
site athttp://www. to register!

Need flexible payment options?  NO PROBLEM!  We want you at FOSSed.  We'll
work with you and/or your school to make it happen.  We offer the ability to
pay via credit card, after July 1, or many other possibilities.  Just feel
free to ask!  :-)  Register soon!  Hope to see you at FOSSed 2010!

Questions?  Please contact us at [log in to unmask]

David N. Trask

FOSSed 2010
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