I purchased replacement power adapters from this year 
after receiving donated laptops from the DoD that came without the 
adapters.  Prices were very reasonable, shipping was free and they came 
within a week.



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Lucie deLaBruere wrote:
> I tried the following strategies.
> Having  "smaller" carts (10 each) assigned to "communities".
> This works well for "paired" activities.  And there are already at 
> least 10-12 desktops in each community so a 1:1 ratio for an activity 
> could occur depending on  how communities arrange their space.
> A community is usually 3 classes of '20-24' students.
> I recently put a "spare" cart with 8-10 laptops in circulation for 
> times when you need more, and most people find that they can usually 
> manage with the cart within their communities.  The computer lab is 
> also available and used much differently since we have done this.
> That is less 'management' than a cart of "20 or 24' computers; allows 
> for some flexible/mobile learning, encourages 'accountability' within 
> a community, and even encourages collaboration and problem solving 
> amongst the students.
> I have meetings with the student reps within each community and ask 
> them for help solving "tech issues" and sometimes they come up with 
> solutions amongst themselves that they have more vested interest in 
> because they designed the solution. 
> Some communities came up with 'sign up sheets'.  Others came up with a 
> "tech rep" to spot check the cart after the class is done.  Others 
> assigned a laptop a number and each student is given a number and has 
> to use that laptop.  Basically this means "6 students" total should 
> touch that laptop and have to live with the consequences of disrepair 
> or not reporting problems. 
> Again.. No ONE size fit all answers.   Big differences amongst the the 
> 'team culture' and the solutions that work.
> Our laptops/ netbooks are in grades 456  and 78
> I'm struggling with how many  "spare" power cords to purchase. Seems 
> like this helps with the "ooops"  I need a little more battery 
> situation, but those 'extra' power cords seem to disappear.
> Any suggestions for a place to purchase less expensive non OEM power 
> cords for laptop carts?
> Lucie
> On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 9:05 PM, Eric Hall <[log in to unmask] 
> <mailto:[log in to unmask]>> wrote:
>     I have considered a “pre-check” form as well, but am concerned
>     that this would become an obstacle. It is already a challenge for
>     teachers to distribute laptops and wait for startup (“sleeping”
>     between sessions was not working well at all), which takes 5-10
>     minutes of their 45 minute block. Take away 5 at the end for
>     putting things away properly (this is where the equipment REALLY
>     takes a beating!) and on-task time is 30 minutes. True: some of
>     this speaks the the need for more flexible/block scheduling and
>     extended instructional time.
>     SO I am continuing to hang my hopes on training for both teachers
>     and (more importantly) students. I met with every class early in
>     the year when they first started using laptops, and have been
>     doing “refreshers” recently now that they have become (too)
>     comfortable with the equipment. I think there is a role for
>     community self-regulation here: if kids value having this
>     equipment available, they will take care of it AND police peers
>     who are not taking care. The most significant issue is teachers
>     who are either not vigilant when kids are using the equipment or
>     who are not holding the kids accountable for misuse. We need zero
>     tolerance to get the message across, but I think we also need to
>     accept some wear-and-tear as the “cost of doing business.”
>     Fortunately we are not seeing the degree of damage that you
>     describe, but I am concerned for the longevity of our laptops.
>     Eric
>     on 4/6/10 1:34 PM, Bryan Thompson wrote:
>         All,
>         The subject isn't exactly what I'm looking for, but I'm
>         wondering if people could send me a list of things teachers
>         should fill out each time they use laptop computers in their
>         classroom. We currently have a number of laptop carts, and
>         many more being distributed as soon as we put together the
>         carts. For the last few years, the kids have not been gentle
>         to the computers - pulling of keys, writing on them, etc. We
>         try to have a zero tolerance policy on this - the computer
>         keys are supposed to get replaced the day they get pulled off.
>         Unfortunately that is not the reality. Teachers will either
>         never tell us about abuse, and we find the abuse during our
>         bi-yearly cleanings, or teachers will complain after a
>         computer has almost no keys on them.
>         If you have sign out sheets for the teachers to check off the
>         condition of computers when they are given out, and received
>         again, I'd really appreciate it. The superintendent is going
>         to make it mandatory for teachers to have filled out.
>         Thanks,
>         Bryan
>         Bryan Thompson
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