Hi Vince,
MMUHS deployed standard size notebook laptops in a 1 to 1 pilot this year to 25 students to see how well it works.  My answer could be very long winded but the short answer is that it had mixed results on multiple fronts.  After this year's experience and talking with others that used netbooks, I am leaning towards growing our laptop program next year using netbooks instead.  We will be deploying them with Suse Linux desktops and mostly open source apps.
The netbook model we are testing now and will most likely use is the HP 2102 netbook.  We will be presenting on this at Dynamic Landscapes. (There is a plug for DL Ed!)  If you want to hear the long winded answer I can respond off list.

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I'm speaking in jest, of course; we all remember them.  There was a lot of chatter about them last year at this time. However, the chatter quieted down considerably by the start of this school year.   Is anyone out there deploying them extensively?  Is anyone thinking they might still purchase a bunch of them? 
I never got very excited about them, but I wonder if others did and if they still are.  If so, would they care to comment on their experience with these devices?  Price is the obvious reason to like them, but did you who purchased them feel they did everything you expected them to do?  Any regrets?
Thanks for sharing.