We had a situation where a student was homebound for a number of weeks and we used a laptop with Skype.  This was  in one of our K-3 schools so when the class had circle, the laptop sat on a small chair facing the circle with ful screen.  When they broke up to tables, the laptop was moved to the table.  It worked well and was simple to do.

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>>> Jason Miles <[log in to unmask]> 4/8/2010 1:08 PM >>>
I have a student who has been quite ill and we are trying to decide the best
way to have him participate in his core classes(4 of them) from home. Our
first idea was to use skype and attach some type of video camera to the
teachers laptop that would allow for a better pic than a web cam? These are
4 separate classes at different times during the day so the solution will
have to be easily transported. Here are my questions:

1. Is anyone currently making this type of accommodation in their district
and is so, how?

2. Can anyone suggest a camera(s) we may want to purchase that will allow us
to also record the sessions while we are streaming for use at a later date?

3. Do we need to capture the video to a camera, or is there some type of
video application that may allow us to capture the video being fed into the
computer that could easily be transformed into file (Quicktime, MPEG) that
the student could then access at a later date?


Jason Miles
Technology Integrationist, MHS Webmaster
Montpelier High School


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