If we have a program in place and it follows the guidelines see page 5 and 6 of implementing CIPA guidelines at . We can do this without having to pay a third party agency.   I would defer to Peter Drescher to confirm.  Another reason to have this website :)  I also included a link to a certificate of certification.


P.S.  An LEA is the Local Education Association and the SEA is the State Education Association.

CIPA Certification  Link  Us Department of Education.

§   An LEA seeking Ed Tech funds must certify to its SEA that one of the following conditions exists –

ü  Every “applicable school” has complied with the CIPA requirements

ü  Not all “applicable schools” have yet complied with the requirements.  However, the LEA has received a one-year waiver from the U.S. Secretary of Education under section 2441(b)(2)(C) of the ESEA for those applicable schools not yet in compliance.

ü   The CIPA requirements in the ESEA do not apply because no funds made available under the program are being used to purchase computers to access the Internet, or to pay for direct costs associated with accessing the Internet, for elementary and secondary schools that do not receive e-rate services under the Communications Act of 1934, as amended.

If you would like a certificate to go with it.  .