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At this time, as long as you have something in place to address Internet Safety, (it can be as little as a brochure you pass out to kids and parents), and you consider this step to be local "policy", and you follow it, then you are in compliance.  That is guidance from SETDA and from the COsN/ISTE folks that worked on this in '08.  There has been nothing solid from FCC on a particular course or action that they require.

So, because you are using I-Safe locally, and it appears that it is your policy to do so.. then you are in compliance.

Jon has some great resources here.. I think his work is doing a nice job at helping to provide some ways that schools can address this...

There are some discussions going on about some model policies around this... So, there is some guidance coming from the state level.

I hope that helps...


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I know we went round and round on this last fall, but I'm still unclear.  Are we able to use an Internet safety program such as this that we create and still call it certified to meet the federal requirements?  At ANESU we purchased ISafe for this year but are not thrilled with it.  It does come with its handy certificate, though!

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> Hi All,
> Here is the website:<>.  "The idea is that we can create a free
> online curriculum for answering all the latest questions on internet safety
> for both teachers and students.  I've laid out the barebones of the website,
> but now we need content.  Please take a look at it, and send your comments,
> solutions, lesson plans, student created videos./slideshows.
> Thank You,
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