I agree with using Scopia and the LNV.  I have used it several times between our Tandberg equipment and a PC webcam using the Scopia desktop. It has worked very well overall. The person with the webcam needs to make sure they are not using the WiFi on their laptop since this causing too much of a delay/audio issues. I also tried it with a MAC webcam since they upgraded the Scopia software and it worked very well.

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we are currently in the process of using scopia desktop as part of the LNV package to stream some classes. This also allows you to use a webcam or a video camera and it can also record the session for later playback.

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Hi All,

We have a student with parent serving in Afghanistan who would like to see his child graduate.  I know Skype will work, but would prefer something with better resolution.
Any Thoughts?  Dad has a laptop, so this may be the best solution.  I would like to avoid burning it and posting on youtube.



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