We've been looking at this too, specifically for  I Touch

 here is one formatted in the shape of a I-Touch (very clever)*JyWIiZdkHgcRm0Jk2WLemNR8CcGjFsNR63d4YWpqXHkCO1OBmxM*s*K8rhmIlwr*2JURWO7GLZTta3CZ8GR/IPODTOUCHUSERAGREEMENT.pdf

and others from  Tony Vincents site,  Learning in Hand.

Do create a usage contract. A contract is an effective way to communicate how and when an iPod can be used. Have students and parents sign the contract to indicate they agree to follow the rules and accept the consequences for breaking the rules. You may want to model your contract after some of these: Would love to hear what you come up with.


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Hi all,

We now have some handhelds, including Kindles, MP3 players, and iPod touches, for students to use in and out of school. Do any of you have a parent consent form that you could share with us?

Thanks for any help you can give,

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