If you work in the SOUTHEAST region of Vermont please read this message.  If you do not -- sorry but we need to get our message out.


The Southeast Vita-Learn group will meet on May 6, in the WNESU conference room in Bellows Falls from 4-6pm.

The agenda will include:

    A Presentation on the Vermont State Data Enhancement Project by Bob McNamara and Lisa Gauvin.

    A state of the State update by Peter Dresher.

    A round robin sharing of successful best practices from around  the region and summer professional development.


If you are interested in technology integration, data collection & student information systems, or where VT is going with the Transformation of Education in Vermont then this meeting is for you.  If you cannot attend find someone in your district who can.

We are looking for participation from all SU's in the Southeast region; teachers, tech integration specialists, technology coordinators, principals, superintendents, curriculum coordinators and assessment-data staff can all benefit from this meeting.  

Dinner will be provided and all attendees will have a chance to win an iPod Touch as well as several other high demand items.

If you have questions, suggestions or need more information please contact me Christina Smith, the tech integration specialist for WNESU.  

We hope to see someone from every district in the area.


Christina Smith
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