The one Idea I have is if Vermont can make a model (similar to Main, but not necessarily with Apple) then the state could provide more directed Professional Development.   Lets say the state suggest schools use Google Apps and Moodle.   While there are alternatives, the state could concentrate on pushing professional development, curriculum, funding and support for those products.

We once had a Main presenter come to the school I was working for.   While talking with her about main one of the the good things she had to mention is that in Main she could go to any school and she knew exactly the resources that school had and was able to give more in-depth training because of it.

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I guess I wasn't envisioning a central Google World for Vermont educational community but rather a lot of our very own Google Worlds (Educational Domains). The centralization that would be beneficial would be in bulk purchasing power for equipment/netbooks, etc...

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the article doesn't actually mention any cost savings to the school's

"state is hoping to save $1.5 million each year on email costs"

I doubt our DOE is spending $1.5m on email.

Likely school funding is different in OR.

I know the article says the OR GAEE rollout is voluntary.

I am not threadcrapping, just saying that not EVERYTHING runs more
efficiently in a centralized fashion.

Really seems that the momentum is accelerating on centralization (SIS, sped
software, governance, REDs) and away from local control.

The state already has contract pricing (you mention bulk which is another
animal entirely) for many things, see here


>Why can't Vermont do this?  Not to mention, bulk purchases of EVERYTHING--