I have considered a ³pre-check² form as well, but am concerned that this
would become an obstacle. It is already a challenge for teachers to
distribute laptops and wait for startup (³sleeping² between sessions was not
working well at all), which takes 5-10 minutes of their 45 minute block.
Take away 5 at the end for putting things away properly (this is where the
equipment REALLY takes a beating!) and on-task time is 30 minutes. True:
some of this speaks the the need for more flexible/block scheduling and
extended instructional time.

SO I am continuing to hang my hopes on training for both teachers and (more
importantly) students. I met with every class early in the year when they
first started using laptops, and have been doing ³refreshers² recently now
that they have become (too) comfortable with the equipment. I think there is
a role for community self-regulation here: if kids value having this
equipment available, they will take care of it AND police peers who are not
taking care. The most significant issue is teachers who are either not
vigilant when kids are using the equipment or who are not holding the kids
accountable for misuse. We need zero tolerance to get the message across,
but I think we also need to accept some wear-and-tear as the ³cost of doing

Fortunately we are not seeing the degree of damage that you describe, but I
am concerned for the longevity of our laptops.


on 4/6/10 1:34 PM, Bryan Thompson wrote:

> All,
> The subject isn't exactly what I'm looking for, but I'm wondering if people
> could send me a list of things teachers should fill out each time they use
> laptop computers in their classroom. We currently have a number of laptop
> carts, and many more being distributed as soon as we put together the carts.
> For the last few years, the kids have not been gentle to the computers -
> pulling of keys, writing on them, etc. We try to have a zero tolerance policy
> on this - the computer keys are supposed to get replaced the day they get
> pulled off. Unfortunately that is not the reality. Teachers will either never
> tell us about abuse, and we find the abuse during our bi-yearly cleanings, or
> teachers will complain after a computer has almost no keys on them.
> If you have sign out sheets for the teachers to check off the condition of
> computers when they are given out, and received again, I'd really appreciate
> it. The superintendent is going to make it mandatory for teachers to have
> filled out.
> Thanks,
> Bryan
> Bryan Thompson
> Technology Coordinator
> Winooski School District
> Winooski, VT 05404
> 802-655-2555

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