I found displaying Woodcock in their regular spot at last night in the 
southernmost parking lot at Porter Hospital in Middlebury. From there I also 
spotted two Northern Shoveler in a flooded field further to the South. This 
morning I went down South St. to get a closer look at that field and found 
the Shoveler again and also found a pair of American Wigeon there too. I 
also saw my first of year Eastern Meadowlark in the grass nearby. Full 
checklists below.

Ron Payne
Middlebury, VT

Location:     Porter Hospital
Observation date:     3/31/10
Number of species:     10

Canada Goose     26
Mallard     20
Northern Shoveler     2
Northern Harrier     1
American Woodcock     3
Ring-billed Gull     2
American Crow     1
American Robin     2
Song Sparrow     2
Red-winged Blackbird     8

Location:     South St. Extension
Observation date:     4/1/10
Number of species:     17

Canada Goose     6
American Wigeon     2
American Black Duck     36
Mallard     52
Northern Shoveler     2
Green-winged Teal (American)     6
Killdeer     6
Ring-billed Gull     4
Blue Jay     1
American Crow     10
American Robin     2
European Starling     4
Song Sparrow     3
Northern Cardinal     1
Red-winged Blackbird     5
Eastern Meadowlark     1
Common Grackle     3

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