Don and Nina,

Thank you for your kind words about my photography and BFO's.  I waited 3 
hours for the bird to come close to the road so I could get a
nice image and  when it finally did I only had 10 minutes before a loud 
motorcycle passed by and  flushed the bird.
The flight image on the header is the only good flight image I got, very 
lucky!!! Could I post your  plant description on the blog for others to 
Will credit you........

Thanks again!
Peter Manship

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Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Images of Great Egret in Brandon Vt

> We have been awed by your photos for some time, and just have to say,
> thank you for sharing them online (via the VTBIRD list).  You have some
> amazing shots, so clear and expressive of how birds look, behave, react,
> and interact.  The flying egret on today's post is a good example--from
> the shining wet legs to the crisp, smooth wing feathers.  Early photos of
> hawks on the wing, with the feathers bent in the wind or flying
> effots--very enjoyable.
> By the way, the green plant with whitish-spotted leaves and pink and blue
> flowers on your BFO site is Pulmonaria, which sounds like a lung disease,
> but the name does come from some early namer thinking the leaves looked
> like diseased lungs.  A not so charming name for a pretty shade-loving
> flower.  They are very early bloomers (ours have been flowering for a
> couple of weeks now), and the flowers start out as pink, and darken to
> blue, which gives the unusual pattern of two colors of bloom on the same
> stem.  Easy to grow, and likes shady sites.
> Thanks again for sharing so many beautiful photos--
> Don and Nina Huffer
>> I have posted some images of the Great Egret found in Brandon yesterday
>> for
>> those that are interested.
>> Here is the link:
>> Good Birding
>> Peter Manship