I wonder if anybody has any good suggestions for discouraging a 
pair of very persistent phoebes from building their nest inside 
my woodshed/garden tool shed.  It's old and well-ventilated since 
it's a woodshed and very difficult to block all the small gaps 
that Phoebes are willing to fly through.  I'd be happy to let 
them nest in there, but I'm in and out many times a day during 
the spring and summer, and of course, when I come in, whoever is 
in there flies around frantically, crashing into walls and beams 
in a desperate attempt to get out.

I've hung strips of lightweight tarp that flaps in the breeze 
over some of the larger gaps, taken down their half-built nests 
and put solid objects in those places to keep them from trying 
the same place again, but boy, they just keep trying over and over.

I have a nice big old barn with lots of access points from 
outside up to the loft, lots of nifty nesting places, and there's 
no competing pair using the barn, but will they put their nes 
their?  Nooooooo.

Any suggestions would be very gratefully received.