Hi Carol,

Occam's Razor would, of course, dictate Phoebe, and "certainly not [a]
fork-tailed thing!"  

Here was my end-of-long day thinking: 

My brain's first reaction was "not an E. K'brd," and an assumption (what is
it they say about those? <g>) kicked in that of course you would know a
phoebe, and that you apparently saw a kingbird-sized bird.  THEN, you add
the fact that that photo shows a definite contrast between the head (dark
grey) and the back (light).  With all that in mind, if I lived closer, I'd
have checked it out.  (And yes, I do have experience with Fork-tails of
various ages.)

Following a good night's sleep and a chance to ponder, I've thought,
hmmmm.... maybe she's so new at birding she really doesn't know a
phoebe?????  Whew, that's what happens sometimes to us jaded birders ---
stupid assumptions!  Still, there is that dorsal contrast...   (-:

Anyway, good for you for getting out there and seeing things in a refreshing
way!  Watch for the good ol' Phoebe signature tail-wag and also in a week or
two you'll probably start encountering Least Flycatchers.  Listen for their
enthusiastic sharp "che-BEK" call, and note how darned cute they are!

Good birding!
Susan always-hoping-for-the-unusual-bird Fogleman
Campton  NH

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Yeah, I'm hearing that a lot-- could be.  But certainly not the fork- 
tailed thing!

At least there's no doubt about the loon.

On Apr 12, 2010, at 9:17 PM, Eve ticknor wrote:

> How about a Phoebe?