Thanks, Ruth.  Got my fingers crossed, but it looks like the 
flapping tarps and blocking their preferred nest platform plus my 
presence going in and out for a good part of the day have done 
the trick for now.

Such a wonderful little nest they built in just a few hours, I 
felt like a terrible criminal destroying all that hard work and 
the expectation it represents.  At least it didn't have any eggs 
in it yet, though.


Ruth Stewart wrote:

> I have put some object on the 'platform' surface the phoebes
> are trying to use.  That prevents them from landing and using
> that surface.  That's not to say they won't find another spot
> in the shed to use.  But the point is to 'redirect' them now
> before they get established.  Good luck.
> ruth stewart
> e dorset
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>> [log in to unmask] Subject: [VTBIRD] Phoebe nesting problem 
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>> Jane - move your garden tools to the barn for the season! :
>> ) Janet Watton Randolph Center
>> On Apr 14, 2010, at 12:02 AM, VTBIRD automatic digest system
>> wrote:
>>> Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2010 12:05:58 -0400 From: Jane Stein
>>> <[log in to unmask]> Subject: Phoebe nesting problem
>>> I wonder if anybody has any good suggestions for
>>> discouraging a pair of very persistent phoebes from
>>> building their nest inside my woodshed/garden tool shed.
>>> It's old and well-ventilated since it's a woodshed and
>>> very difficult to block all the small gaps that Phoebes
>>> are willing to fly through. I'd be happy to let them nest
>>> in there, but I'm in and out many times a day during the
>>> spring and summer, and of course, when I come in, whoever
>>> is in there flies around frantically, crashing into walls
>>> and beams in a desperate attempt to get out.
>>> I've hung strips of lightweight tarp that flaps in the
>>> breeze over some of the larger gaps, taken down their
>>> half-built nests and put solid objects in those places to
>>> keep them from trying the same place again, but boy, they
>>> just keep trying over and over.
>>> I have a nice big old barn with lots of access points from
>>>  outside up to the loft, lots of nifty nesting places, and
>>> there's no competing pair using the barn, but will they
>>> put their nes their? Nooooooo.
>>> Any suggestions would be very gratefully received.
>>> Jane Shoreham
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