Observer thought he was heading for Mount Independence but ended up at  
Larrabees Point Access to be greeted there by a very vocal Brown Thrasher!   
The two to three mile walk a little later at Mount Independence was most  
pleasant.  Bloodroot and Hepatica in bloom also at least one Eastern Comma  and 
one Mourning Cloak.
Location:     East Creek Wildlife Management  Area
Observation date:     4/14/10
Notes:   Northern Harrier pair, potential nesting site. Observed both birds 
 "go down" in same area.  Female had "something" dangling from her talons 
as  she descended to an area of dried reeds. 
Canada Goose on nest.
Number of  species:     14

Canada Goose      6
American Black Duck     2
Mallard      5
Northern Harrier     2
American Kestrel   2
Mourning Dove     1
American Crow   2
Eastern Bluebird     1
American Robin   2
European Starling     1
Song Sparrow   2
Swamp Sparrow     2
Red-winged  Blackbird     8
Eastern Meadowlark      2

Location:     Larrabees Point Access
Observation  date:     4/14/10
Notes:     Brown Thrasher was  in full song for the 25 minutes the observer 
was present!
Number of  species:     13

Mallard     2
Mourning  Dove     2
Red-bellied Woodpecker      2
American Crow     2
Tree Swallow      2
Black-capped Chickadee     3
American Robin   2
Brown Thrasher     1
Song Sparrow   1
White-throated Sparrow     3
Red-winged  Blackbird     4
Common Grackle      12
American Goldfinch     2

Location:     Mount Independence
Observation  date:     4/14/10
Notes:     Savannah Sparrow  was in a field adjacent to Mount Independence 
perched on an electric fence and  singing!
Number of species:     23

Ruffed Grouse   2
Turkey Vulture     3
Ring-billed Gull   1
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker     1
Downy  Woodpecker     1
Hairy Woodpecker     1
Blue  Jay     1
Common Raven     1
Black-capped  Chickadee     9
Tufted Titmouse      1
Red-breasted Nuthatch     1
White-breasted Nuthatch   2
House Wren     1
Ruby-crowned Kinglet   3
Eastern Bluebird     1
American Robin   1
Pine Warbler     2
Chipping Sparrow   2
Savannah Sparrow     1
Song Sparrow   2
Dark-eyed Junco (Slate-colored)      16
Northern Cardinal     2
American Goldfinch   7

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Roy Pilcher
The Gables at East Mountain, Rutland,  Vermont

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