Team Pipit out for a toot today; interesting sightings included:

       (2) Pied-billed Grebe  -  Brandon (in flooded field along Route 73)

      (26) Wilson's Snipe - (8) Swamp Road, West Salisbury, (18) Route 
22A, Shoreham (at crossing of Lemon Fair)

       (1) Spotted Sandpiper - Brilyea Access, DCWMA

       (2) Barn Swallow - Little Chicago Road, Ferrisburgh

Wood Ducks were everywhere today, often in groups of 10-12. About 25 
Ring-necked Ducks were along Old Jerusalem Road in Leicester. And Rusty 
Blackbirds were still at the access area at Fort Cassin.

For those seeking to pad their Vermont list, there was a Muscovy Duck on 
the north side of Swamp Road in West Salisbury. I guess it had a few 
wild genes mixed in, because it was very large, very black, and showed 
large white wing patches. Some red warts above bill. Don't have any idea 
from whom this bird escaped!