Greetings Bruce, 
The short answer to your question is "no"!  Each time we meet I hand  out 
the previous twelve month record and looking at the corresponding month we  
do note the consistency .  However, the numbers need someone with a  
statistical background to fully analyze the data.  I have the data on a  spreadsheet 
in addition to that on e-bird.  If you are  interested, I would be happy to 
forward the file.
Thanks for the interest.
The Gables at East Mountain, Rutland,  Vermont

Speaking the same language.  

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Hi  Roy-

I always enjoy looking over the results of your monthly  monitoring. 105  
months is quite an accomplishment. Have any of you  had a chance to sit 
with the data to analyze it? Any obvious  changes in bird populations over 
this  time?

Just wondering.  Be well-

Bruce  MacPherson