I saw one this afternoon about 2:30.  It was some distance from the  
dock -- perhaps 300-400 yards south.  It only "surfaced" from the  
vegetation for a few minutes, then disappeared (onto a nest?).  I  
watched the same spot for another 15-20 minutes, but it didn't  
reappear.  I didn't hear any cries.

It was lovely to see it, even for a short time.  I am used to seeing  
sandhills in New Mexico -- it seems like magic to see them here.

Basha Miles

On Apr 26, 2010, at 3:44 PM, Miriam Lawrence wrote:

> Looked for the cranes on Bristol Pond both this morning and afternoon
> without success -- but wouldn't be surprised if I'm just overlooking  
> some
> well camouflaged birds!  (Jim, from the dock looking due south,  
> ballpark,
> how far out would you say they were?)
> Was thinking I might go down there very early in the morning in  
> hopes of
> hearing them, if not seeing -- I've seen them in fields in years  
> past, but
> haven't had the pleasure of hearing them call -- but am wondering if
> Sandhill Cranes continue vocalizing once they've started nesting.  I  
> assume
> not, but I don't know much about this behavior.  Are they most  
> likely done
> with that for this season, or is there still a chance of hearing  
> them around
> sunrise?
> Thanks,
> Miriam Lawrence
> Monkton