Hah!  I bet you a dollar it was my little guy!  Thanks so much 
for posting this.

I was glad he didn't get any of my feeder birds or yours, but I 
hope he finds something soon.


Karan Cutler wrote:

> We had exactly the same thing happen an hour ago, scaring off the morning  
> doves, goldfinches, and woodpeckers. Interestingly, we're just north of 
> Shoreham  in Bridport.
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> A little  male immature Sharpie dropped into my yard briefly, 
> scared the wits out of  the other birds, then took off again and 
> slowly circled his way  north.  I assume a migrant, since it's 
> only the second one I've seen  here in the last four years and 
> they're not resident.  Oddly, the  only other one I've seen was 
> also an immature male brief drop-in to the  same spot on the same 
> tree branch two years ago on March  7.
> Jane
> Shoreham