I was listening to two white-throated sparrows behind my condo this morning when I 
suddenly heard a high trill much like a Chipping Sparrow.  I was surprised to see a Pine 
Warbler hopping from low branches onto the ground near the feeder behind my place.  
Sibley's book confirms that it sometimes "forages on the ground in suburban settings."

It was an adult male with great coloration.  It even cooperated  by staying in place for up to 
5 seconds, allowing great views as the bird was only about 25 feet away from my deck.

Have others recorded an observation of the Pine Warbler this early before this far north in 
Vermont?  I am also wondering if Red Rocks will be full of passing warblers today.  Has 
anyone been there recently?

In any case, a great find for me and a Yard Bird List first.