There is a small expanse of water south of the dock and then a large marshy area thick with vegetation.  A boat could not get in.  About in the middle of that marshy area, I'd guess about 300 yards from the dock, I saw the birds.  One sat down and disappeared in the vegetation, but the other stood nearby.  They are remarkably close in color to the old vegetation.  When foraging or tending a nest, cranes tend to hold the neck horizontal, so don't look for a head held high above the marsh.  You are most likely to spot them first as large rusty lumps looking somewhat out of place in the marsh.

I did not see them dance or hear them call, but I am fairly sure they have a nest.  One bird settled down and disappeared in the grass while the other stood by ding not much (checking e-mail maybe).

Good luck,  Bruce Peterson

On 4/26/10 3:44 PM, "Miriam Lawrence" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Looked for the cranes on Bristol Pond both this morning and afternoon
without success -- but wouldn't be surprised if I'm just overlooking some
well camouflaged birds!  (Jim, from the dock looking due south, ballpark,
how far out would you say they were?)

Was thinking I might go down there very early in the morning in hopes of
hearing them, if not seeing -- I've seen them in fields in years past, but
haven't had the pleasure of hearing them call -- but am wondering if
Sandhill Cranes continue vocalizing once they've started nesting.  I assume
not, but I don't know much about this behavior.  Are they most likely done
with that for this season, or is there still a chance of hearing them around


Miriam Lawrence