Yesterday afternoon around 5:00 I went for my walk up FR 10, and the 
roadsides were littered with Robins, at least 60+.  Also counted 11-12 
Hermit Thrush who were very cooperative while I studied them to see if 
they were Woods or Hermits.  A large flock of juncos were twittering and
 seemed to be following the Robins.  All this between my house on 
Brooklyn RD and the Silver Bridge, a distance of a quarter mile or so.  
The thrushes were hopping around in the leaf litter looking for worms. I
 was amazed to see so many of them and in such close proximity to the 

........But the highlight was a Blue-headed Vireo heard 
and then seen very clearly on my way down the mountain.  A life-bird for

A little late, but Wed afternoon I was blessed with Evening
 Grosbeaks:  2 male, 3 female!  I was thrilled that they hung around for a hour or so, and haven't seen them since.  It would be great if they were making a comeback!