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Join the VT Division for Historic Preservation and our many partners across the state in developing Vermont’s State Historic Preservation Plan:  USING VERMONT’S PAST TO BUILD A BETTER FUTURE. We invite you to participate in our two, upcoming public meetings and collaborate with us in developing the state’s plan. We want your thoughts about the questions BELOW.  Our public meetings are in Burlington, on May 20, and in Rutland, on May 25.


DATE: May 20 (Thursday)

WHERE: The Firehouse Gallery – Meeting Room LBG

                149 Church  St.  

                Burlington, VT

TIME:  7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Thanks to our CO-SPONSORS!

City of Burlington & the Lake Champlain Basin Program




DATE: May 25 (Tuesday)

WHERE: Green Mountain National Forest  

                  231 North Main Street
                 Rutland, VT 05701

TIME:  7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Thanks to our CO-SPONSORS!

Green Mountain National Forest & Downtown Rutland Partnership


RSVP if you can!


“A Partnership for Preservation and Progress”


“Historic resources” includes buildings, structures, districts, landscapes, archeological sites, and places of traditional and spiritual importance.





·        Which of the STATE’S historic resources are most important to you?


·        Which of your TOWN’S historic resources are most important to you?


·        What should we pay attention to?


·        How does what we care about stay relevant?


·        What should we do to reach out to all Vermonters?


·        How can we make words like “the past” and “historic” relevant to our modern lives?


·        How is historic preservation relevant to you?


·        How does historic preservation contribute to the economy?


·        What do you see your role in historic preservation?


·        How do we ensure a continuing life for our historic resources?

o   Which actions can YOU take?

o   Which actions are most important to take?

o   What’s possible at a time of limited resources and many competing interests?



Thank You!!


Giovanna Peebles, Director/SHPO

State Archeologist

VT Division for Historic Preservation

(802) 828-3050

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