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For Immediate Release:
May 25, 2010

Vermont Research Center Names State Archivist Sanford
to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

The Center for Research on Vermont is pleased to announce that Vermont 
State Archivist Gregory Sanford has received the centerís Lifetime 
Achievement Award, according to Director Robert Rodgers. Sanford of 
Marshfield, Vt., was inducted as the recipient of the award for his 
enduring contributions to research vital to the state and citizens of 
Vermont. He received the honor at the centerís annual meeting on May 4, 
2010, at the University of Vermont (UVM).

At the award ceremony, Connell Gallagher, retired UVM Library Director 
for Research Collections, paid tribute to Sanfordís many achievements in 
Vermont research. He noted that Sanford has left his mark everywhere 
around the state from small rural towns to institutions of higher 
education and beyond, most particularly on Vermont state government, and 
cited some of the projects in which Sanford has participated during the 
past 35 years. These include his early work coordinating the Sen. George 
D. Aiken Oral History Project, his appointment as Editor of State Papers 
(1982), his efforts to restore and microfilm the Stevens Collection, and 
his gradual establishment of the State Archives, which recently 
culminated in the joining of the Vermont State Archives and Vermont 
State Records into a single agency in 2008. An active member of the 
Vermont Public Records Advisory Board, Sanford has also led the Vermont 
State Board of the National Historical Publications and Records 
Commission and has served on many state boards, commissions, and 
committees. A past president of the New England Archivists, he received 
the organizationís Distinguished Service Award for exemplary service to 
the archival profession and archives in New England in 2002.

Over the years Gregory Sanford has published books and articles, given 
talks, met with state officials and town clerks all over Vermont to help 
them with their records needs, and expanded the preservation lab and 
staff. Throughout these activities, his enduring vision has been to 
create an active state archives that meets, and even anticipates, the 
needs of the modern legislature, contemporary state offices, and the 
general public. He has long recognized the value of context in crafting 
public policy and the importance of the historical record in informing 
contemporary debate. During his career, he has stressed the importance 
of records in making public policy, and for the State Archivesí outreach 
and advocacy efforts, received the Philip M. Hamer and Elizabeth Hamer 
Kegan Award from the Society of American Archivists in 2002.

A native of Redding, Conn., Gregory Sanford received a bachelorís degree 
in history from Washington College and obtained a masterís degree in 
history from the University of Vermont (1977). He has been a long-time 
valued member of the Center for Research on Vermont, presenting eight 
research-in-progress seminars, papers at two multi-year National 
Endowment for the Humanities-funded series, participating as a member of 
the Board of Editors, and serving five terms on the executive committee, 
including one as its first chair.

The Center for Research on Vermont, established in 1975 by University of 
Vermont faculty with Vermont-related teaching and research interests, is 
today an interdisciplinary network joining like-minded persons from all 
manner of Vermont institutions and professionsógovernment, KĖ12 
education, social services, the media, museums and other cultural 
entities, colleges and universities, and independent scholars. The 
scholarly community whom the Center represents feels a special 
commitment and responsibility to develop and pursue opportunities for 
research on Vermont. The Center seeks to facilitate these activities and 
enhance public awareness of the need, possibility, and significance of 
such scholarly work, demonstrating the University of Vermontís attention 
and responsiveness in a uniquely important area.



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