Salutations Hackers and Career Enthusiasts!

Hope work, research, and exams are going (or went) well! Just some news and
a few updates to keep everyone active.

   1. Danielle ([log in to unmask]), the liaison from Career Services for
   CEMS, and I had the opportunity to meet and discuss some important  issues
   regarding strategies to improve career outreach within the department of
   computer science.
      1. First, Danielle, here is the information I promised you:
         - Our website -<>
            - *CSSA: Seriously dudes and dudettes. This needs to be updated.
            - Our survey results -<>
            - Point of interest: Last entry of the survey:
               - *Year 4 Seminar.* A senior seminar which discusses future
               employment opportunities, talks by guest speakers from
local companies, and
               help with resume construction.
               - Questions about survey results can be brought to Mek
               (Michael E. Karpeles - [log in to unmask]) or Munk (Alex
               Munkelwitz - [log in to unmask])
            - Our main business contacts / connections include:
            - Dr. John Cohn, IBM ([log in to unmask]) - previous UVM CS
            Board Chair
            - Michael Howe, Bearcode & GNI ([log in to unmask])
            - Chris Townsend, MicroStrain ([log in to unmask])
            - Next Year's CSSA Officers
            - President: Chris Tucci ([log in to unmask])
            - Vice President: Zack Ney ([log in to unmask])
            - Treasurer: Chris Tucci ([log in to unmask])
            - Secretaries: Aaron Fredette and Dillan Wilding
            - Webmaster: Phelan Vendeville
            - Events Coordinator: Jonathan Godbout
            - Robin Wilke - Math Club representative
         2. The Discussion
         - Having some CSSA Tech Talks for potential job openings
         - When companies post job offers, have them come and give a short
            talk about the position
            - Having a website of job listings BY major
         - Having a bi-monthy resume building workshop
         - Coordinate with VAGUE (Vermont Area Group of Unix Enthusiasts) to
         find speakers or job openings
         3. Did you know?
      - Danielle is in her office on Wednesdays (in Votey instead of L&L) to
         help people out with Career Services?
            - Now you do!

Hack the world.

- Michael E. Karpeles