I think we are going to try and come. Sounds great! Any break on reg..? Or crash/comp rooms at your disposal? running on a barebones budget as always but I do have money for a Fall tournament! If you need me to do anything while there to "earn my keep" so to speak I would be happy to help.
I'm still in China so I'll talk to you about this and World schools soon,
Rose Helens-Hart  
Director of Debate
Undergraduate Program Chair
Department of Communication
Hawaii Pacific University
1188 Fort Street, Suite 333
Honolulu HI, 96813

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Subject: Claremont BP Tournament ­October 1-3!

USU OPEN – Claremont McKenna College, Friday-Sunday, October 1-3, 2010

On behalf of Claremont McKenna College and the Claremont Colleges Debate Union –

BP TOURNAMENT – Details, in brief

LOTS! of outstanding debating (8 preliminary debates – debate early and often this fall) and überjudging (all judges qualified as ultra, quantum, 3.0), extraordinary hospitality (of course there will be aromatherapy – don’t fret about it...it’s too long to wait for an October aromatherapy treatment to recover from your ‘will there be aromatherapy?’ panic attack ), great food, fantastic traditional awards and periodically distributed gifts (e.g., Cold War Unicorns, Learn to Yodel CDs, Carl Jung and Crazy Cat Lady Action Figures, Make Your Own Commie Beard Kit, Scientology Playing Cards, Affirmation Gum, Bacon Wallet, Knight Rider Lunchbox, iPods – yes, iPods, and much, much more...), relaxing atmosphere, transparency (tab operates in the general meeting area, oral adjudication in all debates), challenging topics to best prepare attendees for later tournament competition, and MORE!...Did I mention MORE!?...It’s fun, it’s furious, and it’s ON TIME!

The tournament is Friday-Sunday, October 1-3; special events early on Friday afternoon (training sessions for less experienced judges, practice debates for new participants). Flying? – Ontario Airport is only 10-12 minutes from the campus. The full invitation will be available at the end of the month.

Come visit the site of so many American parliamentary debate firsts – first American-format parliamentary tournament in the Western US, first BP-format tournament in the Western US (both events 20+ years ago), and first USU national BP championship (founder and host of the first 3 championships).

Registration begins August 15.

Please let me know if you have questions.



John Meany
Director of Forensics
Claremont Colleges Debate Union
Claremont McKenna College
500 East Ninth Street
Claremont, CA 91711-6400
909.607.2667 TEL
909.621.8249 FAX
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