great idea! the boys would love to play on the computer and I can handle the big words ;~ )

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Okay here's another question just for fun and giggles
Who's book? Gen Sonographers use different texts than us and sometimes I don't understand the vascular concepts they come up with when reviewing studies. I have taken tests over the internet-Ie: GE and thought
Really Really-- you are asking this and give me these answers???
And what does this have to do with the lecture I heard!
This is not the SDMS,SVU this is ARDMS-Like someone said, you take
the test and then go into the real world. I think the those seasoned
techs in the conversations here have expressed real issues with trust in
the ARDMS concerns for us.
They ask, we respond and then are told, suck it up, this is the way it is.
(okay, they didn't say suck it up, but they did say it is a "done deal")
I think people are just getting sick of having their intelligence insulted
by questionaires and surveys that have no meaning because the "powers that be" really don't care what we want.
There seems to be an influx of Snobongraphy.
Boy --see what happens with surgery and drugs!!

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Points well taken. Speaking for myself, i don't feel it's insecurity, 
it's about "why". Has a concrete explanation been given to "why" this 
needs to be implemented (other than what's on ARDMS website which I 
feel is not a completely valid and functional reason. Is it really 
going to "advance" our profession?  Also, "time".  As has been stated 
on this thread, what does a 50 question, open book, in my own home 
test REALLY prove?  It's a hurdle that we have to do "why".. I don't 
really care if it's free and only 50 questions.. It takes up an hour 
of my time I could be spending with my kids... Etc.  So, give me 
something that REALLY makes a professionL difference an I'll entertain 
it.. As I said before, my kids are real interested In what daddy 
does.. I'll probably let them tAke the tests since they're open book.. 
Then we can at least have family time =]



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