Points well taken. Speaking for myself, i don't feel it's insecurity,  
it's about "why". Has a concrete explanation been given to "why" this  
needs to be implemented (other than what's on ARDMS website which I  
feel is not a completely valid and functional reason. Is it really  
going to "advance" our profession?  Also, "time".  As has been stated  
on this thread, what does a 50 question, open book, in my own home  
test REALLY prove?  It's a hurdle that we have to do "why".. I don't  
really care if it's free and only 50 questions.. It takes up an hour  
of my time I could be spending with my kids... Etc.  So, give me  
something that REALLY makes a professionL difference an I'll entertain  
it.. As I said before, my kids are real interested In what daddy  
does.. I'll probably let them tAke the tests since they're open book..  
Then we can at least have family time =]


Doug Marcum
*Advanced Ultrasound Consultants
*Global Vein Solutions
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> All,
> What is the problem?  We are all professionals, in the field for many
> years, doing diagnostic studies, why are we balking at having our
> knowledge base tested. Its free, its online.....are we so insecure in
> our healthcare roles that at the very mention of testing, everyone
> panics. Calm down, take a breath and have confidence that we can do
> this.  It would be a different story if they were asking us to fork  
> over
> $300 every time we take it but they're not, so what's the big deal.  
> Are
> we the most insecure profession around or what? Besides, this may
> elevate us to obtain that licensure that we so desperately should  
> have.
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