Norm. I attempt to do a complete study of the kidney. Research has shown that revascularizing a kidney with intrinsic vascular disease has limited impact on improving renal function. For that reason I think its important to gather all of that data. Plus if billing for a full study, to do less would be fraudulent. Wouldn't it be like just getting a CCA and a peak ICA velocity in the carotid?

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Subject: Renal artery Doppler, partial study If positive?

After a conversation that I had today with a general ultrasound technologist I have a question.  Does anybody here who does renal artery Doppler studies consider the study for that kidney completed and stop upon determining that the renal/aortic ratio is > 3.5, or, do you continue and try to get all of the additional data and views that are generally obtained in a complete renal artery study?  Thank you for any response.

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