I agree. Hospitals here shamelessly state " We don't recognize registries". This statement is coming from large hospital corporation HR departments. Those statements translate to " we won't recognize registered sonographers until we are forced to". I wonder whose lobbyist are hindering legislation that would mandate that registered sonographers must perform us exams or you will not be eligible for reimbursement. When this type of legislation occurs the steamroller will come.

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With respect to Dr. Schneider, the concern that I am hearing is that it's not so much the addition of another test (although I can hear some palms sweating already) the problem is more that the steamroller never seems to come. I have been scanning Cardiac and Vascular patients for almost thirty years and recieved my Associates degree because it would someday be required and then passed two registries because someday I wouldn't be able to practice without them, then went on to earn my BS. because that darned steamroller was just around the corner.
Now here I am in 2010 still working arm in arm with unregistered undegreed technologists who don't seem to be affected by the steamroller that is coming and in most cases make the same salary as I do. So my question is not so much why take another test as much as what are they going to do if I don't take the test or don't pass the test. What are they going to do to insure that I the cream rises to the top. When are ARDMS and ICAVL and Medicare carriers all going to get on the same page and get the steamroller going?
Thanks for listening to my humble opinion
Mike Allen, BS RVT, RDCS.  

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i like this lady!!!

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And one of the things I hate about this flow is that other people can say that my reasons for anything are poor. they are not poor just because they are not yours
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