"... and adequately interpet the results..."

That's the key right there, in my opinion. A "technician" can be trained to push the buttons and take pictures at certain anatomic landmarks, but a "sonographer" is educated to image anatomy and pathology and to display the pathophysilogy during an exam as he/she interprets the data. 

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I believe there are specific guidelines as far as the total number of required hours and supervised studies go (in order to sit for the ARDMS boards, but I'm not certain of the specific numbers).  One would think that 40hours/week for a year should more than suffice.  I would expect basic competency in the big three (carotid, lower venous and PVR testing) after a year of training/observation.  Of course this depends on the people doing the training and how busy the lab was (if a student watches without getting probe time, they probably can't scan).  Watch them scan a couple patients and you'll have a good idea of how much more training will be involved.  Typically, we expect at least of year of working in the vascular lab before
expecting a new graduate to know how to perform every test we do at a basic level.  Unfortunately there are few grads out there that will never be able to do every type of vascular test and adequately interpet the results, no matter how much training they receive (likely true in many career workplaces).

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Hello All!
I am working with a sonographer who has had a year  of tough experience in a vascular lab. Training time has been sporadic.  How many hours of actual supervised (in the room) scanning do students normally get in an accred. US program?  How independent should an individual be after a solid year of 40 hrs a week of probe time and much instruction?  How long does it take to get really trustworthy in results?  Its been so long, I cant remember.........


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well said, but I really don't think the "test" will be is as JP said supportive of our credential.
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> I was cruising through the Flownet to investigate rumors for ARDMS
> recertification requirements and read a few posts about RVTs lack of
> recognition and a potential perception of something less than a sonographer.
> I have been both; from babies, to biliary, to breasts, to bilateral upper
> and lower extremity; I have scanned much of whatever ultrasound renders
> itself useful. I hold ARDMS credentials in vascular and abdomen. I take
> the greatest pride in my role as an RVT. 
> I hold my RVT credential as one of my most valuable acquisitions over the
> course of my life and I know what it took to get there. And I know I had
> support and encouragement along the way for which I am ever grateful (Dr.
> Schneider). I really don't care what anyone calls me, as long as I am
> sought with confidence by the physician who recognizes my skills and wants
> me to look at his/her patient and tell them what I see. Really, is there
> any better way to convey acknowledgment than that? 
> And if there is a lack of appreciation, I feel that the general unawareness
> of our careers leaves us in good company; the Physician Assistants. At
> least the unaware public believes that I have some technical ability; while
> many believe that a PA is less than a nurse. A patient a few weeks ago was
> left with the impression that a PA is like an administrative assistant for
> the doctors. They help to keep them organized and mop up their messes.
> And I am against the recertification, just for the record. Sorry, Joe. But
> I hate tests, especially when it contains the word: physics. 
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