our cardiology dept regrets using McKesson. Structured reporting is likely not a 5000 option our HD-11's did not have it. SR just allows your US machine report to populate a mckesson or Datacheck report when you send your study to PACS.

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Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 11:20:59 -0400
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Subject: Datamax

Does anyone have any experience with the Datamax software (Datacheck with digital image capabilities)?  I’ve used and loved Datacheck for years, but with ICAVL needing everything digitized, we’re trying to decide between McKesson and Datamax.   My specific question is if carotid measurements cross over from HDI 5000s or does one have to type them into the Datamax report?  The IT people are talking about DICOM SR capabilities, but I’m just not that much of a computer person to understand the language.

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