This would work if each exam was required to be performed by a sonographer credentialed in that specialty area.  But there are many who have been practicing for years without any credentials, or just one credential when performing the full range of Radiology Ultrasound General imaging exams.  They are paid what a credentialed person is paid.  There is no distinction.  While requiring labs to become accredited, where is the push for all sonographers to be credentialed by ARDMS before reimbursement will be approved for the exam performed?  We are being asked to re-take exams over time, where many have never taken one.  They will still be working and getting the same pay when we are now studying for the second round. 

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Although no one looks forward to retaking exams, licensing and recertification are methods to not only see if we are maintaining standards, but also a way of restricting the market. When the supply of sonographers is scarce, the price(wages) of paying them will go up.
When employers have a difficult time filling positions, those “competitive” wages will increase to attract only those that are licensed. Currently some markets are saturated with sonographers due to the influx of ultrasound training schools. There are no jobs available locally for these new grads, nor are there any openings for seasoned sonographers. Making it more difficult to acquire or retain the fewer skilled workers(licensed) is what will drive wages up.
Personally, I wish it were effective immediately, as I would gladly accept a boost in income.
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