Just for a little perspective, diplomates of the American Board of Surgery have had to recertify every 10 years beginning I think in 1975, until recently we vascular surgeons had to recertify in general surgery as well as vascular surgery,  and now we have MOC (maintenance of certification) requiring a fair amount of stuff that has to be done every THIRD year in adition to taking a secure test every 10 years, something now required I think of every specialty in the US.  No one has ever been able to show that inital certification, let alone recertification improves outcomes, but the concept has face validity and it would be difficult to test. It certainly implies some level of commitment on the part of the owner.  I would respectfully suggest that it's here to stay and it would be best to stop fighting it and get on top of it to distinguish yourself from the competition.  When the steamroller comes through, if you're not on the steamroller you'll be part of the road.
The fees are an issue and I agree that the ARDMS Board is the place to address that. There are many astute professionals contriubiting to this list and I think you should get on the ARDMS Board!
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