while I am all for "improvement" if the idea is to be sure you are doing hands on..... please explain why you think this is such a great idea after all CMEs have provided for "book learning" for quite awhile
 I am not a vascular surgeon... I would expect someone piecing people together should be held to a higher standard (no disrespect)

Free is not the issue, the issue is what they are saying is the reason, doesn't support the way they are doing this

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Ann Marie and Dr Schneider, thank you for your 
As an educator I strongly support any initiative 
that will help our profession to move toward more accountability and better 
1 hour or less every 10 years! Free! what is the 
big deal, and as Ann Marie said, yes you learn a lot with an open book (at least 
it makes you read the book once!)
Let's support this and help make it even better 
rather than fight it for very poor reasons.
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>  CME's
>Dr. Schneider your 
>  comments are well said.  I believe the ARDMS has put together a very easy 
>  and virtually no cost process (if you pass on the first time).  Probably 
>  the best way to insure continued competency would be to directly supervise 
>  people scanning but obviously that is not a practical option.  Even 
>  though it is open book, you will learn or at least refresh your memory if you 
>  must get help for an answer from a textbook.  The fact that the exam is 
>  only once every 10 years means that some of us may only need to take it once 
>  and even younger techs may only have to take it 3 times.  I don’t see the 
>  big deal.  I wish every test that I had taken was open book, in the 
>  comfort of my own home and free!
>Medical professionals 
>  face recertification examinations.  As Dr. Schneider say, it is here to 
>  stay.  
>Bottom line, be proud 
>  of your accomplishments and skills.  Demonstrate this by maintaining your 
>  individual credential.  Patients do like it when you tell them you are 
>  credentialed.  Of course, insurance companies, etc., may require things 
>  but I believe it honestly comes down to you as an individual. 
>    Being credentialed should be your own internal affirmation about 
>  what you are doing. 
>Ann Marie Kupinski 
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>  CME's
>Just for a little 
>  perspective, diplomates of the American Board of Surgery have had to recertify 
>  every 10 years beginning I think in 1975, until recently we vascular surgeons 
>  had to recertify in general surgery as well as vascular surgery,  and now 
>  we have MOC (maintenance of certification) requiring a fair amount of stuff 
>  that has to be done every THIRD year in adition to taking a secure test every 
>  10 years, something now required I think of every specialty in the US.  
>  No one has ever been able to show that inital certification, let alone 
>  recertification improves outcomes, but the concept has face validity and it 
>  would be difficult to test. It certainly implies some level of commitment on 
>  the part of the owner.  I would respectfully suggest that it's here to 
>  stay and it would be best to stop fighting it and get on top of it to 
>  distinguish yourself from the competition.  When the steamroller comes 
>  through, if you're not on the steamroller you'll be part of the 
>  road.
>The fees are an issue and I agree 
>  that the ARDMS Board is the place to address that. There are many astute 
>  professionals contriubiting to this list and I think you should get on the 
>  ARDMS Board!
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