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Subject: FW: QUESTION : recertification & CME's
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I have advocated a meaningful bonus and enhancement in hourly pay for Vascular Technologists who achieve the RVT credential, I wish that the enhancement in hourly pay were more than it is, but I believe that should be an important incentive and perhaps less threatening than a policy of firing all who do not get the RVT within a fixed time



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One question is, Does your job reward you for credentials.Most that I know of don't. The Grandfathered tech whom never went to formal education, the regestered tech (Sonographer)with formal education, and the new grad, are all treated about he same. They don't care what you have to do or get, as long as it don't force them to have to find a replacement for you. If your at the top of your pay scale, you get to watch the others fastly catch up with you. No rewards for longevity, keeping your credentials, and as at least one other person stated, paying for your CME's, Which we were hit with the possibility of in the past, but somehow have managed to get ours paid thus far. There is the satisfaction of patient care and findings even if the Doc's refuse to recognize you. If worked in a facilty like that before also.



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