Somewhat legibly??....I'm certain to spell it for them with extremie enunciation! 
Great point Doug...

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As approaching/eclipsing "seasoned veteran" status (depends on who's labeling =]) i had an experience that put the title in perspective. About 15 years ago I was fortunate enough to be in the middle of a lawsuit, details aren't pertinent, (I wasn't named in the suit, I did perform the u/s on the plaintiff but it was not in question). I was on the stand for 6+ hours on this particular day.. Questioned by the defendants atty in the AM, then the plaintiff atty. In the PM. AT a point in the plaintiff attorneys questioning, I think he felt he was getting no where with me and was getting frustrated at how I was correcting him about particulars on the ultrasound images (that were each blown up to poster size for the jury to see)... At one point he felt I was being smug (probably was, 5 hours into this nightmare) and he approached the judge at the bench and said.."your honor, I feel this gentleman is not being cooperative, I suppose it's because he's nothing more than a glorified button pusher".  His motive was clear, piss me off.. But what happened was after I corrected him again.. He had "no further questions, your honor".  My point is, after that... Call me anything just make sure my name is spelled somewhat legibly on the check! True story(scouts honor) :)


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