Way to go JP! You are so right.

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Hello Lisa, et al:

I have not read all of the e-mails in this thread, so I'm sorry if someone 
already explained this. 

Each of the credentialing bodies in U/S - ARDMS, CCI, ARRT - are accredited by a 
particular body to prove that their tests and credentials are valid and reflect 
the body of work currently performed in the field. The ARDMS and ARRT are 
accredited via the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) for all of 
their exams, with a few exceptions on ARRT exams. A few years ago, the ARDMS 
decided that they wanted to have an international presence and pursued 
accreditation through the International Standards Organization-American National 
Standards Institute (ISO-ANSI). About two years ago, CCI did the same. This has 
been public knowledge for quite some time.

A few years ago, the ARDMS put out a questionnaire about re-certification and 
gathered representatives from all of the ultrasound organizations, including 
SVU. They gathered the groups to discuss HOW, not IF, recertification was to be 
carried out. They could have done many things, including retaking the exams and 
charging for them, however, they developed this delivery method.

Essentially, ARDMS like many medical profession credentialing bodies, are 
required, under the rules of THEIR accreditation, to assure that those with 
their credential are recertified. You can look up the numerous professions that 
require recertification. CME does not assure that someone absorbed material, or 
even attended a seminar for that matter. Having been involved on the SVU-CME 
Committee and attended numerous CME policy meetings, there are numerous methods 
to get CME but it is difficult to police the process for accuracy of information 
presented or to assure that CME was obtained for the intended reason- education. 
But that's a different subject.

Licensure was mentioned in the thread too. Licensure in NM and OR, the first two 
states to require it, require the tech to have a credential and pay an annual 
few. BTW, who mentioned it's just another way for for someone to make money?

I have read so many threads on Flownet about how we should be recognized as 
professional, and no one gives us respect, and we should be able read studies 
ourselves, and Blah Blah Blah. An organization who is arguably recognized as THE 
ultrasound credentialing body, is required to recertify its constituents, puts 
together a fairly innocuous plan that won't go into effect for quite awhile, and 
we complain.

But that's OK because that's what the Flownet is for - a forum to exchange 
ideas, good or bad, right or wrong. 


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>   And who is THEIR cerifying agency? What
>   international agency are we talking. In Europe the
>   MD's do most ultrasounds. I am very interested in
>   these
>   other agencies whose standards of compliance are
>   being imposed. Where on the ARDMS web site is this
>   listed?
>   I like to follow this "trickle flow" , after all I'm
>   just a vascular tech in the ARDMS.
>   I might add, that we have no real powers of
>   diagnosis, as in the MD,ect.

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