I too have earned APS membership status in the SDMS in vascular sonography and am very proud of it.  While it may be "simply a membership category" to some, those of us that have worked hard to achieve this are very proud indeed.  I agree with you that it has nothing to do with the ARDMS and recertification, but it is very important to those of us that have worked so hard to earn it and shouldn't be made light of.
However, recertification is the topic here, but I would like to see more effort put forth to require certification to be able to practice sonography in the first place.  While I appreciate the efforts that some states have already put into place I would like to see all states move forward and require certification for everyone in the sonographic profession.  It continues to burn my butt that certification is not a requirement to practice sonography, and I suppose the fact that some employers do not make certification a requirement for the sonographers they hire doesn't help.  In the radiology-based ultrasound department that I work in we require certification for all sonographers within one year of hire and all 15 of us are registered.  The cardiotesting department in my medical center has a separate group of echocardiographers performing those sonograms and it is the policy of their department to make certification optional.  I simply do not understand that and certainly don't agree with it.
Back to recertification:  I have no problem with that, but by the time I will need to take the tests (and it will be five exams since I am registered in five specialties) I will be approaching retirement age and it may all be a moot point! 
Have a good day everybody!
Deborah L. Richert, BSVT, RDMS, RVT
La Crosse, WI


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Your "APS" is simply a membership category within the SDMS. It is a membership category for recognition within the SDMS just like the senior and fellow membership category. It is not recognized by the ARDMS or even the SVU.

Don't confuse the SDMS APS membership category with anything outside of the SDMS society. I know that it requires a lot of hard work to get initially and keep active. Why would you be against everyone having to up their game in the wider world? 

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Yeah... This whole thing stinks... Humbly speaking, the "APS" status that I achieved years back in vascular technolody (albeit through the SDMS) requires that I submit annually not only that I Have 15 vascular specific CMEs(per year) but also a NOTARIZED templated document, signed by a supervising physician, stating I have at least "X" amount of scans performed anually (think it's 800, non-issue).  So If the ARDMS is concerned about non-practicing persons meeting their CME requirements, then maybe institute this type of documentation.  Granted their are people that probably know ways to jump thru any loop-hole, but that's their character defect... Just a thought


PS.. I like RVT2(squared). Lol

Doug Marcum
*Advanced Ultrasound Consultants
*Global Vein Solutions
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> From the ARDMS home page
> ..."that ARDMS should have a measurable way to assure that Registrants
> are knowledgeable in current day practice. Continuing Medical Education
> (CME) credits alone cannot prove that an ARDMS Registrant continues to
> meet the minimum core sonography clinical skills in present day
> practice;..."
> So in effect what the ARDMS is stating is that for the past twenty years
> the work I have been doing every day, combined with my daily clinical
> applications and the mandatory CME's was, what? a waste of my time? I
> agree that someone who is not working cannot hope to keep their skill
> level up by doing CME's, but to tell hard working technologists that
> their experience on the job everyday is not proof enough that they meet
> the " minimum core sonography clinical skills in present day practice;"
> is insane! I measure my technologists core sonography skills every day.
> They have to be certified, they have to do CME's and even still I do a
> rigorous QA and now I have to tell them that there is yet another hoop
> they have to jump through? Oy Vey!
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