I was cruising through the Flownet to investigate rumors for ARDMS
recertification requirements and read a few posts about RVTs lack of
recognition and a potential perception of something less than a sonographer.
 I have been both; from babies, to biliary, to breasts, to bilateral upper
and lower extremity; I have scanned much of whatever ultrasound renders
itself useful.  I hold ARDMS credentials in vascular and abdomen.  I take
the greatest pride in my role as an RVT.  

I hold my RVT credential as one of my most valuable acquisitions over the
course of my life and I know what it took to get there.  And I know I had
support and encouragement along the way for which I am ever grateful (Dr.
Schneider).  I really don't care what anyone calls me, as long as I am
sought with confidence by the physician who recognizes my skills and wants
me to look at his/her patient and tell them what I see.   Really, is there
any better way to convey acknowledgment than that? 

And if there is a lack of appreciation, I feel that the general unawareness
of our careers  leaves us in good company; the Physician Assistants.  At
least the unaware public believes that I have some technical ability; while
many believe that a PA is less than a nurse.  A patient a few weeks ago was
left with the impression that a PA is like an administrative assistant for
the doctors.  They help to keep them organized and mop up their messes.

And I am against the recertification, just for the record.  Sorry, Joe.  But
I hate tests, especially when it contains the word: physics.   


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