Hey everyone,
   I always read the flow but I don't always participate, I feel the interested in what we might have to say about this subject.

   My lab has co-medical directors, interventionalist and vascular surgeon. The question was brought up… do you perform an ABI on a patient positive for DVT. A fairly heated discussion followed from 3 surgeons and 1 interventionalist very firmly divided on the subject. For all the obvious reasons. Possible to cause P.E., the need to know of arterial complications. Would an ankle pressure really be enough to cause P.E., Blah blah, blah. We all know there are good arguments for both schools of thought.

  What do you think, and does your lab have a set protocol? ( I think it should be different depending on each particular case, extent of DVT, other complications…ect.

  Just wondering if it will spark the same intensity of debate for one side or the other.
     Greg Ruhland RVT

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