PE from ankle pressure... Never heard of that one? I would find that  
highly unlikely..


Doug Marcum
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> Hey everyone,
>    I always read the flow but I don't always participate, I feel the  
> interested in what we might have to say about this subject.
>    My lab has co-medical directors, interventionalist and vascular  
> surgeon. The question was brought up… do you perform an ABI on a pat 
> ient positive for DVT. A fairly heated discussion followed from 3 su 
> rgeons and 1 interventionalist very firmly divided on the subject. F 
> or all the obvious reasons. Possible to cause P.E., the need to know 
>  of arterial complications. Would an ankle pressure really be enough 
>  to cause P.E., Blah blah, blah. We all know there are good argument 
> s for both schools of thought.
>   What do you think, and does your lab have a set protocol? ( I  
> think it should be different depending on each particular case,  
> extent of DVT, other complications…ect.
>   Just wondering if it will spark the same intensity of debate for  
> one side or the other.
>      Greg Ruhland RVT
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