I have a quick clarification question.  "The ABI has to be printed out
by the machine, not hand-written..."  


Is this a state by state requirement or global, and if it is global,
where would be the best source to put my hands on this to make sure we
are in compliance?  I have tried Google which led me into mostly billing
sites, and the CMS site which, like all government information sources,
is easy to navigate, to the point and straightforward, but apparently I
am just too dumb to find what I am looking for prior to the onset of old
age or premature brain death.


Thanks -




Jason T. Card, BS RVT

Sky Lakes Medical Center

Klamath Falls, OR


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Last time I heard,, 

all medicare patients who have a duplex arterial scan require an ABI and

the PTA and DPA waveforms have to be demonstrated, by the CW or duplex. 

The ABI has to be printed out by the machine, not hand written...

The ABI has to be done the same day as the scan...

It is neglect if not. ABI is the gauge for PAD management, before and
after intervention, surgery or other means. It is also a separate

Non compressible, diabetics require a toe pressure or metatarsal cuff. 

Denise Levy, RVT, RDMS, RDCS


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