Thank you Paul, Jill and Kelly for your responses! The reason that prompted all of this, was our Insurance Clerk stated that the files with reports and hard copies are always kept and are property of the patients, at least in Texas that's the law, but Medicare only keeps records for 7 years, so I was kind of confused, maybe she was thinking of Mammograms, which Paul says to keep forever! Thank you again for clearing this up for me! Time to collect and start shredding! Wally

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I have lived and worked in Texas for my entire life. I assume you are referring to some type of hard copy records (films, tapes, etc.). Before the days of PACS the rule of thumb that was followed was this:

Adult exams (studies done on patients >= 18 yo) keep for 7 years
Pediatric exam (studies done on patients < 18 yo) keep till 18th or 7 years whichever is longer
Mammograms keep forever

Now in the era of PACS where you can keep thousands of exams archived on CD's (even more on DVD's and utilizing compression techniques) I don't know if these rules have changed.

Paul English RT(N), CNMT, RDMS, RVT

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