If the digital program receives DSR ( Dicom SR) it means that the
information goes directly into the report. The problem however is when
you do other than the structured report i.e. stent, endarterectomy etc.
The report will only allow proximal, mid , distal CCA, ICA, ECA and you
may need other parameters like size of bulb, origin of stent and these
all have to be documented somewhere. The McKesson program does not allow
for these exceptions. Make sure that the Datamax does. This is the
problem I see with structured digital reporting, in vascular we so often
tailor the test to the previous surgeries and procedures that have been
done. As an example, how many of you have seen the bypass graft, then
the revision, then the stent in the proximal vessel and on and on. There
is no where to document these different areas.
Barbara Pizzo, BS. RVT
Manager, PVL, EEG and Cardiology Services
St. Joseph Medical Center
Reading, PA 19605
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Does anyone have any experience with the Datamax software (Datacheck
with digital image capabilities)?  I've used and loved Datacheck for
years, but with ICAVL needing everything digitized, we're trying to
decide between McKesson and Datamax.   My specific question is if
carotid measurements cross over from HDI 5000s or does one have to type
them into the Datamax report?  The IT people are talking about DICOM SR
capabilities, but I'm just not that much of a computer person to
understand the language.
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